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WiFi access

wifi access

Keep connected with WiFi

For internet on the go, TAFE has free WiFi. You can also use WiFi to access your course materials and other helpful things through the education network. Please contact the Customer Service Centre if you are having trouble logging onto your campus WiFi network.

How to connect to WiFi

Free WiFi is available for all TAFE Queensland East Coast (TQEC) students.

Ensure that wireless is available on your laptop or phone and is switched on (refer to manufacturer's instructions for more detail)

When you open your browser, you'll get a prompt to enter your login details.

If you're at any TQEC locations, you'll want to connect to the TAFE_OPEN wireless network.

When you open your browser, you'll get a prompt to enter your login details.

Your username: student.tafe\student number (e.g. student.tafe\1234567)
Password: your usual password.

Connecting is easy but we have detailed instructions for all devices and Windows software versions:

Safety first

To help protect our network, we'll check your device doesn't have any nasties in it. We're looking for:

  • The Windows update status on a Windows device
  • A working firewall (these are usually already in your operating system)
  • A virus scanner that is up-to-date.

Don't worry if your device doesn't have these or isn't up-to-date, we'll help fix it.

If you don't have the latest Windows or virus updates, you'll still get internet access to download these. But you must install a virus scanner before you can login to the network.

For devices that aren't Windows-based, it's still pretty much the same but your access may be restricted. You might get internet access but not the education network (sorry, but it's about keeping everyone safe).