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Throughout your TAFE training you will have to complete different assessments. They could be only one of or a combination of:

  • written assignments, essays and reports
  • presentations
  • practical tasks
  • work-based and workplace activities
  • exams
  • other types depending on your area of study.

Each unit or course you do will be different. The most important thing to do from the start is read your course guide and understand the specific assessment requirements.

The rules

If it's a nationally recognised qualification that you're after and top skills for your dream job, then these rules are not made to be broken.

The same rules apply to all assessment types and can be referred to in detail in the TAFE Queensland Assessment Guidelines

Here is a summary of your responsibilities:

  • completing all parts of the assessment
  • submitting the assessment by the due date in the specified way
  • undertaking assessments honestly, without any form of cheating
  • keeping copies of all assessment items for at least 14 days after you get your result or any appeal is finalised.


You can apply for extensions due to illness or other extenuating circumstances. You have to make a formal written request 48 hours prior to the deadline. The teacher gets the final say on the length of the extension and you might have to present a doctor's certificate.


If you don't meet the criteria on your first attempt, your teacher will provide feedback and negotiate additional assessment or resubmission requirements. You can only have one resubmission attempt per assessment item. If on your second attempt your submission again assessed as unsatisfactory, you will be given a "not competent" result and will need to re-enrol in the study unit and pay the prescribed fees.

Failure to submit

If you fail to attempt any assessment item you will be withdrawn from the study unit (TAFE refers to theses as competencies), and will need to re-enrol in the competency and pay the prescribed fees. You cannot submit an assessment after the final result for the competency has been issued.

Alternative assessment

If you are concerned that you have a disadvantage due to a literacy or language barrier, disability or other unusual circumstance, you can request an alternative assessment from your teacher. You can even contact Student Support Services for help with your request. It's a good idea to make your request as early as possible. Allow at least 14 days prior to the due date.

Deferred assessment

If you have an emergency situation or serious injury or illness and cannot complete an assessment, you can apply in writing for a deferred assessment to the Institute Director or delegate. You should apply at least seven days before the due date. If you can't do that, you'll need a medical certificate and you have until three days after the concluding date on the medical certificate to apply.

More information

The rules section of this page is just a summary of the rules of assessments. For the full details, read the TAFE Queensland Assessment Guidelines

If you have any questions about your requirements when it comes to assessments, you can contact TAFE.