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Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of Prior Learning


If you've lived it or learned it, you may have already earned it

Get recognised for your existing experience and knowledge! You may be eligible for a qualification with little or no additional study and at a cheaper cost. Through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) your previous experience, study and skills are considered.

Through the RPL process, your existing skills and knowledge will be assessed against current industry standards/qualifications. These current skills and knowledge may have been obtained through:

  • work experience - paid or unpaid
  • previous training that has not formally been recognised - employer based
  • community and volunteer work
  • other skills and knowledge obtained through life experience

Although your experience gained over the previous two (2) years is most important in the RPL assessment process, your RPL assessor will consider all evidence when making a professional appraisal of your competence. At completion of the RPL process, you may be provided with a full or part qualification. Then, where applicable, you'll be advised of training options available to satisfy the requirements of a qualification.


Recognition of Prior Learning can save time in completing a qualification and avoid unnecessary training. It can also provide benefits in other areas of your life, for example:

  • increase your career and education options
  • boost your confidence and motivation
  • satisfy industry licensing arrangements
  • moving from volunteer work to paid employment
  • moving from redundancy or unemployment
  • reduced study load

How much will RPL cost?

Fees associated with RPL enrolments are generally less than completing the course via other means. The cost will vary depending on units of competency, the fee structure and assessment pathway required. You will be provided with an approximate cost upon application.

Need to know more or get started?

Simply download and fill out the RPL Application form here, then email your completed form through to the TAFE Queensland East Coast RPL unit at Our friendly team will be able to assist you with any information in relation to recognition of prior learning (RPL) to get you started!

Credit Transfers

Credit Transfer Rules:

Credit transfer is a process that provides you with credit for previous formal study that is equivalent to your nominated qualification.

For Vocational Education and Training students, credit transfer may be granted below 100% of a qualification (so you cannot receive a full qualification through a credit transfer process). For Higher Education students, the maximum credit allowed towards a qualification is:

    • 50% of a qualification that is less than 3 years full-time in duration;
    • 2 years of a qualification that is 3 years full-time in duration; and
    • 2.5 years of a qualification that is 4 years full-time in duration.

Credit Transfer Applications:

To make a credit transfer application you will need to fill out a Credit Transfer Enquiry Form and forward to prior to your start of study or relevant census date for FEE-HELP/VET FEE-HELP students.

Along with this form, you should also submit any relevant qualification testamurs, Record of Results, and graduation statements (either copies certified by a Justice of the Peace, or originals for sighting by an appropriate TAFE Queensland staff member).

Your assessor will determine if you are eligible for a Credit Transfer for the unit/s and advise you of the outcome.