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Basic Key Skills Builder (BKSB)


About bksb

BKSB (basic key skills builder) is an online assessment tool that provides an overview of your learning strengths and determines your English and Maths levels. You need to achieve Exit Level 3 in both English and Maths to be eligible for a VET Student Loan.

If you are concerned about doing the tests, support is available and can be delivered face to face, by phone, or emailed. Contact the Student Service Centre or bksb co-ordinator ( if you need assistance.

Read the bksb start-up guide for more information to get started.


Make sure you have reliable internet access to attempt the bksb. Do not attempt the bksb on your mobile phone.

You can do the test online in your own time, on campus in a classroom environment, or in a campus library at a time that suits you.

There is no time limit.

Allow about an hour for each test as testing times vary for individuals.

Make sure you have a calculator, pen and paper and can access your familiar support resources.

Avoid attempting both tests at the same sitting. Have a break between tests or complete them on different days. It doesn't matter which test you do first.

Attempt the Initial Assessment only. When a large tick appears on the screen you have finished the test and can access your results by clicking on the prompt. Your results will appear on the screen. Exit the test and do not follow the prompt to the diagnostic test.

You can't go through and peruse the test before you begin and you can't print out the test.

There is a red 'worm' along the bottom of the screen which progresses as you complete your answers. It is not a timer. When it fills up it reloads and the 'Back' button disappears. At this point there is no turning back and you can't change your answers. Keep an eye on the worm and make sure you are happy with your responses before it fills up.

The test doesn't tell you which level you're operating in until you finish; so just keep going until you get to the tick and access your results. You can save your results or print them out for your own records.

If you achieve Exit Level 3 you will be automatically eligible for a VSL loan.

If you do not achieve Exit Level 3 in both English and maths, TQEC staff will be in touch to discuss your options and provide support.

If you achieve Level 3 (but not Exit) you have a further option to attempt the diagnostic test later. This is why it's very important you don't continue on to the diagnostic test after you've completed the initial assessment.

About the reading test

Exit Level 3 reading involves close reading of the text. You need to take your time and re-read. You also need to be able to interpret and extrapolate information. This means the answer may not be located in the text. You need to read between the lines or tease out the answer.

Not all questions are multiple choice. Follow directions carefully.

About the Maths test

Exit Level 3 maths includes everyday and workplace maths. There is reading involved in the maths questions and you need to read closely and follow directions carefully.

You can use a calculator. There is one on the screen for some questions or you can use your phone. Some questions will also provide you with the formula.

Areas you need to prepare include:

  • Four operations (+ / - / x / ÷) Use a calculator
  • Positive / negative numbers
  • Ratio
  • Rounding
  • Common fractions / decimals / percentages
  • Money
  • Time (24 hour clock / international time zone differences)
  • Units of measure / conversions
  • 2D / 3D shapes
  • Perimeter / area / volume
  • Statistics (mean / mode / median)
  • Graphs (pie / bar / line)
  • Compass points (NSEW)
  • Probability
  • When you are ready to complete the test click on the link